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                • 产品品牌   Alphasense
                • 产品型号   PID-AH
                • 产品描述   光电离子探测器(PHOTO IONIZATION DETECTORS)可以测量(5ppb-50ppm)量程范围的VOC(可挥发性有机物)和一些有毒︾气体。许多有害物质原料都含有VOC,PID由于其对VO...

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                一、 PID-AH气体传感器产品简介: 
                光电离子探测器(PHOTO IONIZATION DETECTORS)可以测量(5ppb-50ppm)量程范围的VOC(可挥发性有机物)和一些有毒气体。许多有害物质原料都含有VOC,PID由于其对VOC的高灵敏度,成为有害物质早期危险报警、泄漏监测等不可缺少的实用工具。 

                二、PID-AH气体㊣ 传感器主要特性: 
                1、 A系列标准尺寸,带有微型聚光ξ光源。 

                2、 测量范围:
                3、 工作环境,-40到55度,相对湿度0-95% 

                4、 工作电压,3-3.6V 

                5、 功耗,110mW 

                6、 过载:50ppm(以异丁烯参考) 

                8、 在自由扩散情况下响应☉时间小于3秒 

                9、 使用寿◥命大于5年(不含UV灯和栅极)

                10、 A系▓列标准尺寸插针 


                With a PID, the sample gas is exposed to deep ultraviolet light from a lamp.

                The emitted light ionises targeted gases in the sample so they can be detected by the gas detector and reported as a concentration (ppb or ppm).

                The Alphasense PID can be installed in portable and stationary gas monitors that accept either Alphasense Ltd CH-A3 or other manufacturer’s compatible pellistor cells.

                Thus providing complete PID capability in a package that has the same dimensional and electrical profile as pellistors (providing the electronics input circuit is designed to take the sensor’s output range). This opens up an incredible variety of environmental and safety applications in industrial, commercial and residential markets.

                The Alphasense PID sensor is offered in two models, A1 and AH. They are virtually insensitive to humidity changes, providing unparalleled performance in a variety of applications.

                PID-A1 has a linear dynamic range of 100-ppb to 6,000-ppm (Isobutylene).

                PID-AH has a linear dynamic range of 5-ppb to 50-ppm (Isobutylene).

                The sensors include a detector with 10.6eV lamp, lamp driver, amplifier circuitry, removable electrode stack & particulate filter.


                Data sheets

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                PID-AHPhotoIonisation detector (ppb)Data Sheet
                PID-A1PhotoIonisation detector (ppm)Data Sheet